Renew Your Certification


Issuing of Replacement Cards.

Replacement dive cards can now be issued by contacting us. We will need a passport size photo for your new card, but in the future we will have it saved in our database. Replacement cards are $65.00.

Rejoining of Previous Instructors

Previous instructors are welcome to rejoin FAUI, keeping their old instructor number. Our past history was based on loyalty to private instructors and those instructors working for dive shops. That loyalty will still remain with the new FAUI system. There are no joining fees or any annual fees – just $65.00 for the new card. The same $65.00 fee is charged for the issue of any new diver cards. For instructor insurance see below for a link to Horsell International P/L where you will find policy details, costs, and contact information.

Instructors Crossing Over to FAUI

Instructors (from other recognised agencies) wanting to crossover to FAUI can do so without any fees or expensive cross over programs. All FAUI instructors are expected to train to a minimum of Australian Standards and that is still the case for any crossover instructors. The only costs will be $65.00 for a new card and they will need to purchase a copy of the Australian Standards for sport diver training. Instructor insurance is available through Horsell International P/L, see below for details.

New FAUI Diver Training Facilities

Dive shops are welcome to train divers under the FAUI system by registering with us and using FAUI instructors. All shops must use the Australian Standards as a minimum to train divers. There are no joining fees or any ongoing “facility” fees for dive shops other than $65.00 for any diver qualification cards issued.

Crossover for Divers with other Agencies

 We can help you with FAUI!

It’s easy for  other qualified agencies divers to dive with FAUI
If you have a Australian Standards recognised qualification you do not have to do any further training or refresher courses unless you want to!  If you are a diver for recreational, commercial or military we can register you on the FAUI database.

To get Started…

Alternatively Print off your FAUI Card Replacement Form here!

Certification Card Repacement Form