What is Scuba Gear?
Scuba diving equipment helps you aclimatise to the underwater world and makes it easier and more enjoyable.
You are the one doing the diving, but your Scuba Equipment makes it all possible.

Scuba Gear Quick Tips

Mask – Allows your eyes to see clearly underwater.

Wetsuit – Protects from cuts and scrapes and retains heat so you stay comfortable.

Snorkel – Lets you breathe at the surface with your face in the water without wasting air from your scuba unit.

Bouyancy Control Device (BCD) – The heart of your equipment, scuba allows you to breathe underwater and to rise, descend, hover or float at will.

Scuba Tank –

Regulators -

Gauges –

Bottom Timer – Used to measure the dive time.

Dive computer – Monitors your depth and time underwater to keep you within established limits.

Weight system – Offsets your tendency to float so you can descend gently underwater when you want to.

Fins – Allow you to swim using only your powerful leg muscles.

Dive light – Used to look into cracks and crevices, and for diving at night.

Dive knife – A handy tool as well as an important safety device.

Dive flag/float – Keeps boaters away from where you’re diving.

Accessories – like underwater slates, lanyards and other items make diving more fun.

Signaling Devices – Whistle, signal tube get attention of other divers or the dive boat from a distance.

Scuba gear bag – Used to carry your dive equipment to the dive site