How long has FAUI exsisted?

Since the early 1960?s! Our name has changed a few times but we  have been an ongoing training facility for over 40 years.

Is FAUI Internationally recognised?

Yes. Many people have been diving internationally with FAUI Certification for over 40 years. If there are any queries when overseas we can always be contacted to confirm.

Can I crossover from other Dive Agencies?

Yes all we need is proof of your current qualifications, updated details, a photo along with a $65 payment and we will send you your new certification card.

How long does it take to recieve a new card?

Once we have all your information, photo and payment we can process the card instantly and have it in the mail on the same day.

Can you help me if I have lost my Diving Information?
FAUI has an extensive database consisting of over 100,000 members from the past 40 years. It is therefore more than likely we will be able to help you replace your Certification Card.

What depth does my FAUI qualification allow me to dive to?

Please see the qualifications table heading on the FAUI page