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If your a first time diver or a seasoned professional FAUI is the right place for you.

Once you try it, we gaurantee you will love it and be confident enough to continue with the diving fun!

Diving is enjoyable, and with FAUI it’s not just about the technichal side!

Undwerwater is an amazing new world, and once you have experienced it, you will never look back!

For a quality dive training certification that differs from the rest. We offer in-depth instruction, which will allow you to make new friends, aswell as achieve high training skills. Sucba diving is not as scarey as you might think and with the right instruction, you will be diving into a new world in no time!

With FAUI, we’re passionate divers about teaching people that scuba diving is safe, inspiring, and offers opportunities to experience some of this worlds most amazing sights. With FAUI training, you can:

Contact our Registered FAUI Instructors

Whyalla Diving

33 Playford Ave
Whyalla SA 5600
(08) 8645 8050
Tony Bramley 0438 458 050

Dale Rawlinson 

Private FAUI Instructor

Phone – 0430 851 913

Email – dale.rawlinson@sapowernetwork.com.au

NB Scuba

Nathan Barrett – Private FAUI Instructor

31 Tatachilla Rd, Mc Laren Vale, SA , 5171

Mobile – 0426 075 812

Home – (08) 8323 8629

Email – nbscuba@gmail.com